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I want my heart
to be free from sorrows
making heap and lit then
or  flow them in the river
But through the tears
they trickle down the cheeks
I don't want them to weaken me.
but they remain there
despite deleting
A permanent feature
buried somewhere
faces me all of a sudden
marring present pleasure
turning smiles to grief
they don't let me
be the person I want to be
bring bitterness also
All injustices met by me
Do you have any remedy
to forget what you choose
But they also tell me
the worth of happenings
I grab it like a miser
As if it will evaporate
And people I love
supposed to e the source of joy
their departure and indifference
turn into unhappiness
And brings tears with them

written by  sarita sharma

Copyright 2002 Sarita Sharma