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Lonely Parents

Your only son
has left for the U.S.
You suffered all along
to give him best of everything
education, opportunities.
Bright and intelligent
he excelled in studies
became software professional
got job aboard.
Your love and sacrifice
could not stop him.
All the time you think of him.
On phone he contacts you
emails almost daily.
No compensation for his company.
A Few formal words
exchanged daily.
He invites you, sends money.
You have no use for it.
Your pension is sufficient.
Dream of seeing the world
were things of distant past.
In a strange country
You won't feel at home
Used to gossiping
With friends and  neighbors
sharing their joys and sorrows.
You have a surrounding here
a home to call your own.
The number of old couples
like you is on increase.
Depressed and heartbroken
compelled to live alone
weary with age and disease
easy targets of burglars
too weak to protect yourself.

written by   sarita sharma

Copyright 2002 Sarita Sharma