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Don't Feel Small

Why should I feel
ditched or deceived
thinking you someone special
was  my fault.
You played your usual role
using and abusing people
to achieve your goal.
I should have foreknown
the result of kindness.
Taking different path
has not much effect
on the herd of sheep
who think and act alike.
Not all have individuality.
Don't feel small
if I neither regard nor hate you.
no one dies for lack of respect.
We discover reasons
to justify our selfishness.
I forgive your frailty.
But I am glad to be different
though loser, suffering often.
I help if I can but never
cause trouble to others.
I just don't want
to be affected by practicality.
Your world of small gains
disgusts me to the core.
Lonely I am but strong.
I don't need approval
from society or anyone.
My consciences is all .

written by   sarita sharma

Copyright 2002 Sarita Sharma